Sunday, May 31, 2015

Conclusion to Inspired Writing 2014-15

The opportunity to work with the innovative and like-minded teachers on our Inspired Writing cohort this year has truly been a privilege.  I feel overwhelmingly grateful to teach in a district that values cohorts like this and gives us the support to push our teaching to a new level.  This year's work with Inspired Writing has challenged me to think of my students and teaching methods in new ways.  I tell my students to take risks every day and this cohort gave me the opportunity to do the same.

My classroom dynamic has changed with the implementation of CoverItLive, Kaizena, Movenote, Blogger, ExplainEverything, and many more.  I've revamped my approach to assessment and feedback and as a result have been more inspired in my teaching this year than ever before!  I know that this excitement and enthusiasm is contagious because my students have jumped on board to try every new idea I've had and we grew as a team.  The collaboration that we practiced as a cohort during our IW meetings transferred to the collaboration that I expected my students to practice in the classroom.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity that LPS offered through Inspired Writing and the networking with other teachers in the district that it provided.  Thank you to all of the teachers who have shared their resources this year and challenged me to think in new ways, and thank you Dana for leading us in the direction of growth!

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